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1.5.3 Our Displays (Migrated NLS Project Blog Post)

The Library’s prompt posed a series of questions, including, “what are the alternative possibilities for display and engagement when working with digital cultural heritage?” We have attempted to think of ways to diversify our displays, and to use as much technology as possible. We have designed an x-shaped structure for the centre of the Boardroom with the Library’s Octanorm modular display system, which will be the backbone of the exhibition.  It will break up the space, as well as convey information on its panels. Surrounding it will be different digital displays, all encouraging engagement as follows: Traquair Interactive Display: a touchscreen for exploring images of the Traquair Illuminated Manuscript, which will allow the viewer access to more of the book’s contents, as well as close-up details that would be hard to see by the naked eye. Google Arts and Culture: an interactive slideshow we are creating with the Library’s Google Arts & Culture Intern Lauren McCombe about adv