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Approaching First Year Review

This year has really flown by!  I started this blog intending to update it every month, but somehow it never felt like there was anything worth writing.  But I'm now quickly approaching my First Year Review on May 24th, so thought I should get something out before that. This academic year has been full of struggle, which I think is probably partially why it has gone so quickly for me.  But there have also been bright points, both of which I will detail below. In December I moved flat, and I now have a tiny office in a box room to call mostly my own, although I do share it with a fridge, many suitcases, and the new fancy Xerox laser printer I bought after my terrible inkjet kicked the bucket during my move.  I recently got gifted a new/old chair, which is far fancier than what I was working with previously. I've been working hard on figuring out a note-taking method that both feels natural to me and results in digital output that I can easily search later.  My previous Notecards