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MScR Dissertation Submission

  This week I finished and submitted my Art History dissertation for my MScR in Collections and Curating Practices, which was titled:  Elaines and Ophelias, Mothers and May Queens: Comparative Representations of Women in the Photography and Practice of Julia Margaret Cameron and Henry Peach Robinson I'm very happy with how it turned out.  There was a lot of restructuring towards the end as the dissertation evolved to become more about the photographers themselves, rather than simply their photographs as I had originally intended.  However, I came to a lot of conclusions that I am proud of regarding how Cameron and Robinson not only showed their different ideas about women's power dynamics in the domestic sphere and the impact of unrequited love on men and women as visible through interpretation of their images, but also how the photography practices and the signature  photography techniques of each photographer were gendered in themselves.   For example, in these two images of